Interesting Facts About the Battle of Marathon

1) The battle of Marathon was an armed conflict that defined the outcome of the first Persian invasion of Greece.

2) Took place in 490 BC in the fields and the beach of the town of Marathon, located a few kilometers from Athens, on the East coast of Attica.

3) It faced on one side the Persian King DarĂ­o I, (who wanted to invade and conquer Athens for its involvement in the Ionian revolt), and, on the other hand, to the Athenians and their allies.

4) The tradition relates two feats: Eucles, sent from Marathon to Athens to warn of the victory and who died of exhaustion a few hours after completed the race. Another feat was Pheidippides that ran along 240 kilometers to warn the Spartans of the Persian landing at Marathon.

5) This victory ended the first Persian invasion of Greece.

6) Ten years later, a new attack took place on the orders of Xerxes I.

7) The battle of Marathon played an essential political role through the affirmation of the Athenian democratic model.

8) Marathon continues to be one of the most famous battles of antiquity, mainly through the commemorations raised, as the career of Marathon at the 1896 Summer Olympics in Athens.