Interesting Facts About Striped Hyenas

1) When assaulted, they evert its anus and scatters a pungent smelling fluid.

2) They are nighttime animals, only leaving their den at the start of overall darkness.

3) The striped hyena can easily dominate a wolf on an individual fight.

4) It’s unusual, but they have killed human beings.

5) They can be quickly tamed and trained.

6) When battling, striped hyenas will bite at the legs and the throat.

7) The striped hyena might dig its dens. However, they prefer burrows previously inhabited by wolves, aardvarks, porcupines, and warthogs.

8) In captivity, they can live for more than 20 years.

9) Though attacks on live people are uncommon, striped hyenas will scavenge on human remains.

10) They can rapidly eliminate a canine with a single bite.

11) In typical scenarios, striped hyenas are incredibly shy around people.

12) In Israel, they feed upon fruits trash, carrion, and trash.