Interesting Facts About Noriker Horses

1) They are native to the Europe Alpes area, more concretely from the greatest mountains of Austria.

2) Their initial name “Pinzgauer” was altered to “Noriker,” in the last decade of the 19th century.

3) This breed delights in big appeal, due to its attractive color ranges.

4) The late 1970s were called the European crisis of horse breeding, 80% of the Noriker horses vanished within about twenty years.

5) By 1985, just above 7000 Noriker horses endured.

6) The leopard found coat color (called tiger), is still an active breeding goal of the breed as well, which is uncommon for almost all other races in Europe.

7) More than half of all present Noriker come from the Vulkan line.

8) The Nero line is the 2nd most significant line in this breed.

9) They played a crucial function in the transport of items through the Alps, bring gold, Celtic iron, and salt, from Salzburg to Italy, and on the return journey reviving spices and wine.

10) This breed is a reasonably heavy mountain draught horse with a low center of gravity and sure-footed.

11) Today more than 10,000 Noriker are residing in the Austrian countryside.

12) As much as completion of the 19th century, they were a crucial link in the trade in between the Adriatic and central Europe.

13) Very early in the reproducing history of this breed, Baroque horses likewise played an essential function.