Interesting Facts About Cyprus Cats

1) The Cyprus cats are organized into 2 subspecies: Saint Helen Cat and Aphrodite Giant.

2) The cats could breed for 12 centuries in a row; this has actually led to a breed which is distinct, robust, and very healthy.

3) The archaeologists that were operating at the site of Shillourokambos (Cyprus) exposed thoroughly interred remains of a cat along with ornamental artifacts and human remains.

4) They enjoy to play and frequently establish close relationships with one specific owner.

5) This breed has adjusted to various environments.

6) The Aphrodite cat ended up being a totally identified breed of the WCF in 2012

7) In most cases, significant populations have actually ended up being feral.

8) Aphrodites are strong, dynamic, active and really caring cats.

9) The taped history of the Cyprus Cat begins some 9500 years back.