Interesting Facts About Coke (Fuel)

1) Coke is a solid fuel formed by the distillation of bituminous coal heated to temperatures of 500 to 1100 °c without contact the air.

2) The process of distillation implies that coal is cleaned of tar, gases, and water.

3) It is known that at least since the 9th century Coke was used to heat and cook in China.

4) In the first decades of the 11th century, the Chinese forgers of the Yellow River basin already used Coke in their kilns.

5) As for Europe, it is known that in 1603 the English inventor Hugh Plat observed that coal could be calcined in the same way that is done with wood when charcoal is produced. This process was not implemented in England until 1642 when Coke was used to roast Malta in Derbyshire.

6) During the Industrial Revolution, in England, the first steam trains worked with coke as fuel which produced a significant amount of gas emissions.

7) This provoked the emergence of environmental legislation forcing the locomotives to “consume their smoke.”

8) Until the decade of 1960 Coke was used to heat homes but has since been replaced with oil, natural gas, and electrical power.