Interesting Facts About Calisthenics

1) Calisthenics is a physical exercise system with the body weight itself; in this system, the main interest is in the movements of muscle groups rather than in the power and effort.

2) The term comes from two Greek words: kallos (beauty) and sthenos (strength).

3) Its goal is the acquisition of grace and beauty in the exercise.

4) It is advisable for the diaphragm works in lyrical singing practices.

5) Besides, it is a training discipline that over time is gaining a lot of popularity in the world of fitness.

6) The exercises performed in Calisthenics are divided into basic (common exercises for strengthening muscles), static (advanced exercises that consist of maintaining the same position for some period of time, these require a lot of muscular strength), and dynamic (advanced exercises that apart from strength, they need great agility and reflexes).