Interesting Facts About Birmingham Roller Pigeons

1) They have a hereditary disposition to turn in reverse while flying.

2) The reason why the Birmingham Roller topple remains unknown.

3) Regarding why rollers do back-flips, fanciers who breed rollers have numerous theories, but most of them have not been scientifically verified.

4) The breed came from Birmingham (UK) where they were established employing selective breeding, for their capability to do quick backward somersaults while flying.

5) Another aerial entertainer is the Asian Rollers; they are available in numerous color ranges.

6) The spinning they make in the air can seem so quickly that the bird appears like a ball of plumes falling towards the ground.

7) They are a preferred breed of performing pigeon, with more than 10,000 breeders from more than 100 countries.

8) While it holds true that the birds do carry out backward somersaults in flight, the specific neurological reasons for the rolling habits are still unidentified.

9) There is a comparable breed called Parlor Roller, however, cannot fly.