Interesting Facts About Augustus

1) The young Octavio became heir to Julius Caesar after the assassination of this in 44 BC.

2) After his death in 14 d. C., he was worshipped by the Roman people.

3) As a legacy, their names “Caesar” and “Augustus” were adopted by all the later emperors.

4) After a long process to solve the problems surrounding his heir, César Augusto was succeeded by his stepson Tiberius.

5) With time, the image of Augustus was exposed to a lot of changes and constant influences that had little or nothing to do with his person and his regime.

6) Historians like Suetonius praised him to a great extent, while others as Tacitus showed more critical.

7) Indeed, after the birth of Jesus of Nazareth at the time of Augustus, the Christians equated the Augustan peace with the Christian peace.

8) Even in modern times, some politicians wanted to create, each one with different motives, similarities between themselves and the time of Augustus.

9) Even at the time of Nazi Germany, many ancient historians, including William Weber, saw the Augustus Empire as a model of renewal for Germany.

10) The historian Jochen Bleicken qualifies Augustus as the “pioneer” and “builder of the Roman Empire,” as well as the one who “educated the Roman elites.”

11) In 2005, in the American miniseries for television EMPIRE, the actor Santiago Cabrera played a handsome young Octavius who fights against Marco Antonio as the rightful heir of Julius Caesar in the power of Rome.