Interesting Facts About Atmospheric Pressure

1) Atmospheric pressure at a particular location experiences variations associated with weather changes.

2) It decreases with the altitude.

3) Altimeters are simple aneroid barometers calibrated in heights; these instruments are not very accurate.

4) The lowest atmospheric pressure at sea level is reached in equatorial latitudes.

5) The equatorial zone is the permanent domain of low atmospheric pressures for dynamic reasons derived from the terrestrial rotation.

6) The standard atmospheric pressure, 1 atmosphere, was defined as the average atmospheric pressure at sea level, which was adopted as precisely 101 325 Pa or 760 Torr.

7) In 1982, the IUPAC recommended that “normalized pressure ” should be defined as exactly 100 kPa or (≈ 750.062 Torr).

8) In ancient times they were far from suspecting the weight of the air. They regarded it as a body that by its nature tended to rise.