Interesting Facts About American Shorthair Cats

1) The American Shorthair is acknowledged in more than eighty various patterns and colors, that are varying from the blue-eyed white to brown-patched tabby, cameos , the shaded silvers, the calico van, smokes and many more.

2) With a a lot of care and a quality diet plan, attention, and love, they can live 14 years or longer, needing veterinary examinations and yearly vaccinations.

3) They are present in the TOP 10 of most popular pedigreed cats in the USA.

4) Several years ago a selective breeding program was developed to establish their very best characteristics.

5) Initially referred to as the “Domestic Shorthair”, the breed was relabeled to the “American Shorthair” in 1966. Their new name represented its American origins.

6) They are low-maintenance felines that are typically healthy, easy-going, caring with owners and social with complete strangers.

7) They have short ears and round faces.

8) Males are substantially bigger than females, weighing eleven to fifteen pounds when grown.

9) Both the American Shorthair breed and the random-bred cats from which the breed is obtained are often called working cats since they were utilized for managing rodents.

10) This breed of domestic cat thought to come from European cats gave North America by early inhabitants to secure heavy freight from rats and mice.