Interesting Facts About Alexander Graham Bell

1) Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922) was a British, naturalized American scientist and inventor.

2) He contributed to the development of telecommunications and aviation technology.

3) After a series of formalities (which would later continue for years in the form of legal claims), he obtained in 1876 the patent of the telephone in the United States, even though the Italian Antonio Meucci had already developed the device.

4) Meucci was posthumously recognized as the inventor of the phone more than one hundred and twenty years later, on June 11, 2002.

5) Regardless of whether or not he invented the device, the company he created to exploit the patent, the Bell Telephone Company, was the protagonist of the first steps of the implementation of the phone as a mass media to International scale.

6) Many other inventions occupied much of Bell’s life, including the construction of the hydrofoil and aeronautical studies.

7) His mother and wife were deaf, which profoundly influenced Bell’s interest in listening and speaking research, as well as in his experiments with devices for the ear.

8) In 1888, Alexander Graham Bell was one of the founders of the National Geographic Society and on January 7, 1898, assumed the chairmanship of that institution.