Interesting Facts About Albinism

1) Albinism is a heterogeneous genetic disorder, caused by mutations in different genes, which produces a total reduction or absence of the melanin pigment of eyes, skin, and hair.

2) It appears with the combination of the two parents carrying the recessive gene.

3) It can also occur in vegetables, where other compounds are missing, such as Carotenes.

4) In non-albino individuals, melanocytes transform the amino acid tyrosine into the substance known as melanin. Melanin is distributed throughout the body to give color and protection to the skin, hair, and iris of the eye.

5) There are different types of albinism, and some may be blond or have clear eyes but not have blond hair.

6) Today, this genetic condition is widespread in the world. One out of every 17.000 people has some albinism.

7) In the small and isolated mountainous locality of Aicuña, in Argentina, a high percentage of albinism is recorded, a phenomenon produced by the affiliation.

8) The island of Puerto Rico is considered to be the world Capital of albinism. Of the fourteen types of albinism that have been studied in the world, you can find seven in Puerto Rico, where 1/2,000 inhabitants have some kind of albinism in the northern part of the island.