Interesting Facts About Albert Einstein

1) Albert Einstein (1879-1955) was a German physicist of Jewish origin, nationalized Swiss, Austrian and American.

2) He is considered the most famous and popular scientist of the twentieth century.

3) In 1905 he published his theory of “Special Relativity.”

4) As a logical consequence of this theory, it deduced the equation of the most known physics at the popular level: the equivalence mass-energy, E = mc ². That year he published other works that would lay some of the foundations of statistical physics and quantum mechanics.

5) In 1915, he presented the theory of “General Relativity,” in which he completely reformulated the concept of gravity.

6) In 1919, when the British observations of a solar eclipse confirmed their predictions about the curvature of light, it was idolized by the press.

7) Einstein became a famous icon, a privilege within reach of very few scientists.

8) For his explanations of the photoelectric effect and its numerous contributions to theoretical physics, in 1921.

9) In the face of the rise of Nazism, Einstein left Germany in December 1932 to the United States.

10) During his last years, he worked to integrate gravitational and electromagnetic force into the same theory.

11) Although considered by some to be the “father of the atomic bomb,” he advocated for global federalism, internationalism, pacifism, Zionism and democratic socialism, with an intense devotion to individual freedom and freedom of expression.

12) He was proclaimed as the most preeminent scientist by Time magazine.