Interesting Facts About Akita Inu Dogs

1) There is evidence of the appearance of Akita Inu as a pure race for more than 3,000 years, but due to the isolation of their hometown, its history is a big question.

2) The Akita Inu has received several names throughout history; According to the function that it would play would be Matagi-Inu (dog of hunting), Kurae-Inu (dog of war) and Odate-Inu (dog of Providence).

3) From 1603, it began to be used as a fighting dog, and, looking for a bigger and aggressive race, the Akita Inu was crossed with English Mastiff.

4) In 1908, dogfighting was banned, allowing the preservation of the breed.

5) In 1927, the commander of Odate created a “Society of preservation of the Akita Inu.”

6) The Akita is considered the national dog of Japan, and in 1931 was designated National monument.

7) During the Second World War, the police ordered that all dogs be captured except the German Shepherd.

8) The skin of Akita was used to make military clothes and their meat as food.

9) To protect the breed, some Akitas were sent to small regions, where farmers pretended to have them as guard dogs, and others were crossed with German shepherds.

10) The number of Akitas was reduced dangerously.

11) In the time of the recovery after the war, several females were sold to the Americans. Thus the American Akita was born.

12) The Akita Inu is the highest of Japanese dogs and has been a symbol of wealth and prestige and a talisman of good luck.