Interesting Facts About Akira Toriyama

1) He started his career in an advertising company in Nagoya, worked there for three years, but the lack of interest and the bad relationship with his bosses led him to the decision to retire and to devote himself to Manga.

2) Toriyama became immensely popular in Japan and abroad thanks to his work Dragon Ball, which has been seen by more than three generations on a global scale.

3) In Japan, he remains a public figure and still lives in Aichi with his wife and children.

4) Every time there are rumors that it will make an appearance in Tokyo, the office of government worries because sometimes multitudes of fans crowd close to their house.

5) Despite his fame, in general, Toriyama does not like to expose himself in the mass media.

6) It is very rare the occasions in which some journalist has managed to interview him or take a photograph for a foreign newspaper.