Interesting Facts About Akio Morita

1) Akio Morita (1921- 1999) was a Japanese physicist and entrepreneur, co-founder of Sony.

2) He was born in Nagoya, in the bosom of a family that possessed an old sake factory.

3) He was a brilliant student, a lover of Western culture in general and classical music in particular.

4) Since childhood, he was fascinated by electronic artifacts and paid particular attention to the functioning of the phonographs.

5) He graduated from the Imperial University of Osaka in 1944.

6) He enlisted in the Army of the Japanese Empire during the Second World War, and there he met Masaru Ibuka with whom he was refounded after the end of the conflict joining him in the new company he was trying to organize, the same as years later would be called Sony.

7) Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka developed the first commercial transistor radio, the Trinitron TVs, the home video recorders (Betamax) and the Walkman.

8) In 1986 he published his autobiography titled Made in Japan.

9) He was decorated with the Albert Medal, awarded by the Royal Society of Arts of the United Kingdom. He was the first Japanese to receive this honor.

10) In 1991 he was appointed a member of the Order of the Sacred Treasure, by the Emperor of Japan.

11) Morita died of pneumonia at 78 years old.