Interesting Facts About Ajanta Caves

1) Ajanta is the name of a locality in India in the district of Aurangabad, Maharashtra state; this locality is world famous for its 29 artificial caves painted and sculpted initially for Buddhist cult from the century II A. C.

2) The village of Ajanta has a population of few thousand inhabitants, and the nearest major city is Jalna about 75 km away.

3) The famous monumental complex called in Marathí was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1983.

4) The entrance of the caves is located in a wooded hollow in the center of the Indhyagiri Mountains and about 5 km from the town of Ajanta.

5) They were discovered in 1819 by British soldiers during a game of hunting.

6) The same caves are classified into two categories; those that served as a refuge for the monks during the rainy season (the monsoon) and those that served mainly as rooms of assembly and prayer.

7) The oldest constructions date from the period that goes from the second century to the 1st century BC.

8) In 1817 the paintings had a good state of conservation, but then they have been very degraded mainly because of the effects of the mass tourism.

9) Ajanta Caves has been a monastery and a university.