Interesting Facts About Airplanes

1) The dream of flying goes back to prehistory.

2) Many legends and myths of antiquity tell stories of flights like the Greek case of the flight of Icarus.

3) Leonardo da Vinci, among other visionary inventors, designed a plane in the 15th century.

4) On August 28, 1883, John Joseph Montgomery was the first person to perform a controlled flight with a machine heavier than air, a glider.

5) Other researchers who made similar flights at that time were Otto Lilienthal, Percy Pilcher, and Octave Chanute.

6) Sir George Cayley, who laid the bases for the aerodynamics, already built and flew prototypes of fixed-wing aircraft from 1803, and managed to create a successful glider with the capacity to transport passengers in 1853, although because it had no engines, it could not be qualified as a plane.

7) The first plane itself was created by Clément Ader, on October 9, 1890, it manages to take off and fly 50 m. Later he repeats the feat with the plane II that flies 200 m in 1892 and the plane III that in 1897 flies a distance of more than 300 m. The flight of the Éole was the first self-propelled flight in the history of mankind and is regarded as the start date of aviation in Europe.

8) According to the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI), on December 17, 1903, the Wright brothers carried out «The first sustained and controlled flight of an aircraft driven by an engine» for 12 seconds and in which they traveled about 36.5 meters.

9) In 1911 the first seaplane was shown thanks to the American Glen H. Curtiss.

10) After the First World War, the engineers understood that the performance of the propeller had its limit and they started to find a new propulsion method to achieve higher speeds.

11) In 1930, Frank Whittle patented its first engines of centrifugal compressor turbine and Hans von Ohain does the same in 1935 with its engines of an axial compressor.