Interesting Facts About Air Force One

1) Air Force One is the indicative that gives air traffic control to any United States Air Force aircraft that transports the President of the United States.

2) Only when POTUS is aboard, it can adopt the indicative of Air Force One. Meanwhile, it will be considered as a civilian aircraft.

3) It is a common mistake to think that Air Force One refers to a specific aircraft.

4) After September 11, 2001, Air Force One is the center of Government of the United States of America as long as the president is inside the aircraft in any part of the world.

5) Since 1990, the Presidential fleet has consisted of two specially configured aircraft of the highly customizable Boeing 747-200B, numbered in the queue as 28000 and 29000 with the designation VC-25a.

6) The VC-25a is capable of flying 12 600 km (approximately one-third of the distance around the world) without restocking and can accommodate a maximum of 70 passengers.

7) The lower area of the aircraft serves mainly as cargo space, carrying luggage and food supplies. It may contain food for up to 2.000 people when fully charged, some stored in freezers.

8) Meals are prepared in two kitchens, which are equipped to feed 100 people at a time.

9) It is the only VC-25a (747) in the world that carries four crew members (pilot, Co-pilot, chief of command and chief of radar).

10) Before these aircraft entered service, two Boeing 707-320B numbered 26000 and 27000-operated as Air Force One since 1962.

11) Since its inception, Air Force One has become a symbol of America’s presidential power and prestige.

12) The Air Force One fleet is maintained and operated on a military basis by the Presidential Airlift Group.

13) The President frequently travels in the United States Marine Corps helicopter, which carries the Marine One indicative when the president is on board.