Interesting Facts About Ahimsa

1) Ahimsa is a Sanskrit term that refers to a philosophical concept that advocates for non-violence and respect for life.

2) It is the opposite of Himsa (violence).

3) It is usually interpreted as a symbol of peace and respect.

4) Ahimsa is an essential doctrine of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism.

5) The first appearance of this term in the context of Indian philosophy is found in the Hindu scriptures called Upanishads, which began to compose over several centuries from the 5th century BC onward.

6) In the West, the concept of Ahimsa was introduced by Mahatma Gandhi, who considered it “common in all religions,” including Christianity and Islamism.

7) Subsequently, western movements in favor of civil rights, led by Martin Luther King among others, they were influenced by this concept, and they carried out pacifist protests that rejected the violence.

8) The recent popularity of yoga and meditation in Western culture has helped many Westerners know and become familiar with the Ahimsa and other concepts of Indian philosophy.