Interesting Facts About Ah Puch

1) In Mayan mythology, Ah Puch is the God and King of Xibalba, the underworld.

2) It has a skull head, shows the bare ribs and projections of the spine; his body is covered with flesh in decomposition.

3) He is described as a skeleton or corpse with a Jaguar (or owl) face adorned with bells.

4) The bells of all sizes, made of copper and sometimes of gold, were found in considerable quantities during the dredging of the well of the sacrifices of Chichén Itzá, supposed that in the place where they had been thrown with the slain victims.

5) Ah Puch is a malicious deity. His figure is frequently associated with the god of war and human sacrifices, and his constant companions are the dog, the Moán bird, and the owl, considered as creatures of ill omen and death.

6) Sometimes it is called Lord of the Ninth Hell or the destroyer of worlds.