Interesting Facts About Agustín de Iturbide

1) Agustín Cosme Damián de Iturbide y Arámburu(known as Agustín de Iturbide or Agustín I), was a military and political in New Spain.

2) During the early stages of the war for the independence of Mexico, Iturbide militated in the Royalist army fighting the insurgents.

3) He presided over the regency of the first Mexican Provisional government.

4) On May 18, 1822, he was proclaimed Emperor and crowned two months later by the name of Augustine I.

5) He abdicated in March 1823 and was exiled in Europe.

6) During his absence, the Mexican Congress, previously reinstated by Agustín I, declared him “traitor and outlaw in case he is present in the Mexican territory, declaring as a public enemy of the state, and anyone who helps him on his return.”

7) Iturbide, without knowing this resolution, returned to Mexico in July 1824 to warn the government of a conspiracy to reconquer Mexico. When he landed in Tamaulipas, he was arrested and later executed by a firing squad.

8) In 1838, his remains were transferred to Mexico City and buried with honors in the chapel of San Felipe de Jesús in the Metropolitan Cathedral, where they are exhibited in a glass urn.