Interesting Facts About Agronomy

1) Agronomy is the science whose objective is to improve the quality of the processes of the production and the transformation of agricultural and food products.

2) Based on scientific and technological principles, it studies the physical, chemical, biological, economic and social factors that influence or affect the production process.

3) Its object of study is the complex phenomenon or social process of the Agroecosystem, understood this as the specific model of the intervention of the human being in nature, for purposes of production of food and raw material.

4) Agriculture and livestock are not formal but applied sciences.

5) They are techniques to produce goods using the resources provided by nature.

6) Agronomists study how to make the soil more productive.

7) They classify soil types and study them to determine if they contain vital substances for plant development.

8) They also study the development of the roots and the close relationship they have with the soil.