Interesting Facts About Agriculture

1) It comprises a whole set of human actions that transform the natural environment.

2) It is an activity of great strategic importance as a fundamental basis for the independent development and wealth of nations.

3) The science that studies the practice of agriculture is agronomy.

4) In the year 7000 BC, the nascent agriculture arrived in Egypt. Wheat and barley were cultivated in the Indian subcontinent, as evidenced by archaeological excavations in Mehrgarh (Pakistan).

5) In the year 6000 BC, farmers in China and Indonesia managed to tame some products such as the soybeans.

6) In 5000 BC, the Sumerians had developed the main agricultural techniques, including large-scale intensive land cultivation, monoculture, irrigation techniques, and the use of skilled labor.

7) In Greek mythology, the Agriculture is represented by the goddess Ceres.