Interesting Facts About Aging

1) Aging is the set of morphological and physiological changes that appear as a consequence of the action of time on living beings, which implies a decrease in the capacity of adaptation.

2) The aging of the population can be considered a success of public health policies and socio-economic development, although it is also a challenge for every society because it must adapt to this new reality.

3) With aging, begins a series of processes of gradual deterioration of organs and their associated functions. Many diseases, such as certain types of dementia, articular, cardiac, and some types of cancer have been associated with the aging process.

4) In 1984 it was accepted by International convention, that old man is any person older than 65 years, age coinciding with the retirement.

5) When aging the neurons begin to die by thousands causing memory loss in some instances.

6) As a result of aging, the vertebral discs begin to harden.

7) When aging, wrinkles appear because the body begins to stop producing collagen, the protein in charge of keeping the skin flexible when it is stretched or lengthened.

8) Hair loses melanin when it gets older, causing grays.

9) When you get older, you lose your hearing a little because of the noise caused by the joints of the human skull and the wear of the auditory cells.

10) Since the body does not have enough yellow bone marrow to keep the bones healthy during aging, osteoporosis can be caused.