Interesting Facts About African Wild Dogs

1) It is the only species of canine that has four toes in the anterior and posterior paws.

2) The African wild dogs hunt in packs.

3) It is the best hunter in the world with a success rate of between 70 and 89% according to various sources.

4) Their favorite prey is the Impala.

5) They are known for their resistance and for being cunning hunters.

6) They have been observed preying on relays, or even blocking a potential escape from a dam.

7) They are usually elusive, and unlike other canids, they are tough to tame.

8) The African wild dog has a complex social system of a matriarchal type.

9) The size of their packs is very variable, from those formed only by the parents and their litter to groups of more than thirty individuals.

10) The gestation period ranges from sixty to three to seventy-two days and stops from five to eight puppies per litter.

11) Its relatively small size makes them vulnerable to predation by lions, hyenas, and crocodiles.