Interesting Facts About African Penguins

1) Their faces have pink spots on their eyes that help them dissipate the solar heat.

2) Contrary to the majority of penguin species living in icy regions, African penguins are developed in warmer and more tropical environments.

3) There are four species of penguins within this genus: Galapagos, Magellan, Humboldt, and African.

4) They are distributed along the rocky coasts of Africa located in the extreme south, covering part of Namibia, South Africa and Patagonia in South America.

5) They live in colonies of numerous couples that are within 25 miles near the coast.

6) They measure about 45 to 70 cm of height, and the larger specimens can weigh maximally 5 kilograms.

7) The population of African penguins declined by 90% during the twentieth century, so extreme measures were taken so that this species does not disappear.

8) In the year 2000, only there were 55.000 African penguins. If this decrease is not controlled in time, for 2026 the African penguin could be part of the list of extinct animals.