Interesting Facts About African Bush Elephants

1) African bush elephants are remarkably intelligent animals. In fact, the experiments on reasoning and learning conducted on them indicate that they are the smartest Afrotherias that exist along with their Asian cousins.

2) Its big brain is the cause of the famous phrase “Elephant Memory.”

3) The herds are formed by related females and their offspring of different ages, directed by the older female, which is given the name of the matriarch.

4) Male elephants do not stray too far from their family and recognize it perfectly when they find it again. Sometimes, herds of females can merge for a while, reaching hundreds of individuals.

5) The matriarch decides the way forward and shows the other members of the herd all the sources of water they know and that the rest will memorize for the future.

6) The famous elephant cemeteries are a myth, but it is true that these animals know what a corpse of their species and seem to treat it with respect when they find one during their travels, even if it is a stranger, surrounding and sometimes touching his forehead with the trunk.

7) Mating occurs when the female feels ready, something that can happen at any time of the year.

8) After 22 months of gestation (the longest in mammals), the female calves a single calf of 90 cm high and a weight of 100 kg, which breast milk sometimes up to 5 years of age, but already eats solid food from 6 months.

9) The African bush elephants have been persecuted since antiquity, both for its flesh and (more frequently) for its valuable ivory tunks.

10) In 1989 the ivory traffic was banned after the population went from several million ( in 1900) to less than 700,000.

11) Hunters who kill African bush elephants have to pay a fine of €10,000 and are removed from the hunting license.

12) CITES still consider the species to be endangered.