Interesting Facts About Aeschylus

1) Aeschylus fought against the Persians in the Battle of Marathon (490 BC).

2) Some of his works, like The Persians (472 BC), Seven Against Thebes (467 BC), are the result of his experiences in the war.

3) He witnesses the development of Athenian democracy.

4) In The Suppliants (463 BC), it can be detected the first reference that is made about the power of the people, and the representation of the creation of the Areopagus.

5) He was accused of having revealed the mysteries of Eleusis, so he was tried and subsequently acquitted.

6) He had a son, Euphorion, who as he was a tragic poet.

7) Aeschylus wrote 82 pieces (some sources says 90).

8) He got its first victory in the dramatic composition contest in the 484 BC. He was only defeated by Sophocles in the year 468 BC.

9) Despite the importance of his life-work, in his epitaph, he was not remembered as a poet or playwright, but for his courage in the Battle of Marathon.

10) He died when he was struck by the shell of a tortoise, which was released by a Bearded vulture from the air.