Interesting Facts About Aerospace Engineering

1) Aerospace engineering is a branch of engineering that studies aircraft; It covers the areas of the current aeronautical engineering, related to the design of systems that fly in the atmosphere.

2) While aeronautical engineering was the original term, the broader term “aerospace ” has replaced it in use.

3) Aerospace engineering consists in the application of technology to the design, construction or manufacture and use of aircraft capable of flying or airblasts — mainly airplanes, airships, missiles and space equipment—.

4) It is also concerned with designing and building aircraft and helicopter airframes, taking into account the laws of aerodynamics, the fundamentals of fluid mechanics and structural engineering.

5) Besides, they are responsible for the integration of the engine elements in the airframes to build the aircraft.

6) Other fields of activity of aeronautical engineers are the construction of airports, the design, and operation of aircraft transport networks and the manufacture of equipment and specialized materials such as armaments, satellites or space rockets.