Interesting Facts About Aeolus

1) According to the Odyssey, Aeolus, Lord of the Winds, lived on the floating island of Eolia, with his six children and his six daughters, who had married each other.

2) Zeus gave Aeolus the power to control the winds; he had them locked up and ruled them with absolute dominion.

3) He tried to help Odysseus, who visited him when he returned to Ithaca.
4) Aeolus treated him very well, and gave him a favorable wind, in addition to a wineskin that contained all the winds and was to be used with care.

5) However, the crew of Odysseus believed that the bag contained gold and opened it, causing severe storms. The ship ended up returning to the shores of Eolia, but Aeolus refused to help them again.

6) He is depicted wielding a scepter as a symbol of his authority and surrounded by turbulent eddies, the winds, each of which was a god.

7) In the Aeneid, Juno offers the nymph Deyopea as a wife in exchange for sending her winds to Aeneas’ fleet to prevent her from landing in Italy.