Interesting Facts About Aegean Cats

1) It is thought about to be the only native Greek cat.

2) They are thought about among the earliest domesticated cat.

3) As its name recommends, stems from the Cycladic Islands in the Aegean Sea, where they happen as a natural landrace.

4) Their coat is tricolor or bicolor with among the colors being often white.

5) Thy has just recently started to be reproduced methodically, it has been domesticated for lots of centuries and therefore has ended up being adjusted well to people.

6) Aegean cats are kept in mind for their affinity for water and fishing.

7) They prevail as feral cats in Turkey and Greece, where they are discovered among fishing ports looking for food.

8) It is a social family pet that endures living in an apartment or condo rather well.

9) In Greece, they are thought about a public treasure.

10) It is active, smart, likewise dynamic and communicative, not being reluctant to draw an individual’s attention.

11) The color of their coat may consist of numerous other colors and patterns.