Interesting Facts About ADHD

1) Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD is a chronic disorder of neuropsychiatric development that is often diagnosed in childhood and may persist in adulthood.

2) It is characterized by inattention (moderate to severe distraction, short attention periods), hyperactivity (motor restlessness), and impulsive behavior (emotional instability and impulsive behaviors) that causes problems in multiple areas, hindering the social, emotional and cognitive development of the person who suffers it.

3) It has a very high response to treatment in the short term, although there is a debate about long-term therapeutic benefits.

4) High rates of psychiatric comorbidity often accompany it.

5) It can be associated with other behavioral disorders, as well as mood disorders, anxiety disorder, personality disorder, autism spectrum disorders, or drug dependence.

6) Up to 60% of the children affected will manifest the disorder in their adult life.

7) 80% of patients are no longer hyperactive when they reach 12 to 14 years.

8) Impulsiveness usually persists longer, although it can go fading over the years. Instead, inattention tends to be very persistent.

9) ADHD has been associated with a higher risk of unintentional injuries such as fractures, wounds, and burns.