Interesting Facts About Adélie Penguins

1) They are, together with the Emperor Penguin, one of the only two species of penguins that live in the Antarctic continent.

2) In 1830, the French explorer Dumont D’Urville named them in honor of his wife, Adélie.

3) Ross Island houses a colony of approximately half a million Adélie penguins.

4) Its distinctive feature is the white circular ring that surrounds the eye and feathers at the base of the beak. These long feathers hide most of the red beak.

5) Its tail is a little longer than other penguins.

6) Their nests consist of a group of piled stones. The males call the females with a low guttural noise followed by a loud cry.

7) A female usually lays two brown or green eggs.

8) In December (the warmest month in Antarctica), the father and mother alternate to incubate the eggs. In March, adults return to the sea along with their offspring.

9) This penguin nests in colonies. Some of these colonies are immense, with 200.000 couples, others are not so large, with no more than twenty couples.

10) Almost all colonies are found in Antarctica.