Interesting Facts About Addictions

1) The term Addiction comes from the Latin” indictatus,” which means an insolvent debtor who, for lack of payment, was delivered to his creditor as a slave.

2) It is thought that the ancient primates of man’s predecessors had a taste for overripe fruits that presented a certain amount of fermented sugars in the form of ethyl alcohol. The intake of these fruits implied an adaptive advantage, as they were rich in sugars compared to the less ripe fruits.

3) It is a chronic and recurrent disease of the brain that is characterized by a pathological search for reward or relief, mainly through the use of a substance.

4) It implies an inability to control behavior, an urgent desire for consumption and dysfunctional emotional response.

5) Addictions decrease the quality of life of the affected person (generating problems in their work, in their academic activities, in their social relations, and their family or partner relationships).

6) Neuroscience currently considers substance & behavior addiction’s to share the same neurobiological bases.

7) Besides the consumption of psychoactive substances, there are addictions to processes such as addiction to sex, gambling, pornography, television, sport, new technologies, cellphones, and the Internet.

8) The use of substances with psychoactive characteristics has accompanied humanity since the dawn of civilization.