Interesting Facts About Acupuncture

1) Acupuncture (from Latin acus, ‘ needle ‘) is a form of alternative medicine in which needles are inserted into the body.

2) It is a key component of traditional Chinese Medicine.

3) Acupuncture is pseudoscience, as its theory and practice are not based on scientific knowledge.

4) It is mainly used in the relief of pain, but also in a wide range of diseases.

5) It is usually used only in combination with other forms of treatment.

6) Scientific research has found no histological or physiological evidence for traditional Chinese concepts such as meridians or acupuncture points.

7) It is believed that Acupuncture originated around 100 BC in China.

8) It has grown and declined in popularity in China on several occasions, depending on the country’s political leadership and the preference of rationalism or Western medicine.

9) It was spread to Korea at the beginning of the century VI, then to Japan and Europe (starting with France).

10) In the decade of 1900, Acupuncture is introduced to the United States.