Interesting Facts About Actinium

1) It was discovered in 1899 by the French chemist Andre-Louis Debierne.

2) It’s characterized it as a substance similar to titanium.

3) In 1902 was discovered, independently, by Friedrich Oscar Giesel As a substance very similar to lanthanum.

4) The discovery of radioactive isotopes began with the demonstration in 1912 – 1913 that one of the actinium products, then called Actinium B, was chemically identical to Lead.

5) A product of the actinium called Actinium C, It was is chemically identical to Bismuth.

6) Its use is almost exclusive for scientific research.

7) Its radioactivity is of the order of 150 times that of the radius, making it useful as a source of neutrons; apart from that, it has no significant industrial applications.