Interesting Facts About Achilles

1) Achilles was the son of the mortal Peleus, King of the Myrmidons in Phthia (southeast of Thessaly), and of the goddess Thetis.

2) In the tragedy “Troilus and Cressida” wrote by William Shakespeare, Achilles is presented as a former hero, who has become lazy and dedicated to the love of Patroclus.

3) The American rock band Manowar has a song named “Achilles, Agony, and Ecstasy in Eight Parts” on his record the “Triumph of Steel.”

4) Led Zeppelin has a song called “Achilles Last Stand,” in its album “Presence.”

5) In the “Divine Comedy”, by Dante Alighieri, Achilles is one of the condemned of the second circle of hell.

6) “Achilles” is the title of a novel by Elizabeth Cook, in which retell the encounter between this hero, already dead, and Ulysses. It is an evocation of the Nekuia Homeric.

7) “The song of Achilles ” is a novel by Madeline Miller whose protagonists are Patroclus, the narrator, and Achilles.

8) Aquiles is usually described as “the light feet,” as he was considered the fastest of men.