Interesting Facts about Abyssinian Cats

1) The breed as it is understood today was firstly created in the UK.

2) Ocicats happened from the unintentional crossbreeding of Siamese and  Abyssinians types.

3) The AA amyloidosis, a kidney condition due to an anomaly in the AA amyloid protein gene, has been seen in them.

4) The breed is called for Abyssinia (former Ethiopian Empire), from which it allegedly came from.

5) They have had extreme issues with loss of sight triggered by a genetic retinal degeneration due to anomalies in the rdAc gene.

6) With the broad accessibility of rdAc anomaly detection tests and services, it is possible to minimize the illness frequency in them.

7) They are slim, medium-sized, fine-boned cats.

8) Abyssinians like to be flaunted, as they enjoy attention, they are friendly and caring towards individuals.