Interesting Facts About Abigail Adams

1) Abigail Adams (22 November 1744 – October 28, 1818), née Abigail Smith, also known as Abigail Smith Adams, was the first, second Lady (spouse of the Vice President) and the second first lady of the United States.

2) Daughter of a Christian Minister, she was educated entirely at home, becoming an avid reader of history.

3) On October 25, 1764, She married John Adams, and within the period of ten years, gave birth to six children: Abigail (Nabby), John Quincy Adams, Grace Susanna, Charles, Thomas Boylston Adams, and Elizabeth.

4) In 1774 she began a prolific correspondence with her husband (who was working in the Continental Congress in Philadelphia); she described the daily life and addressed public affairs with wit and political acuity.

5) Abigail continued with her letters to family and friends while she was in Europe (1784-1788) and in Washington D. C. (1789-1801) accompanying the presidential and diplomatic career of her spouse.

6) Like Barbara Bush, she was spouse and mother of Presidents of the United States.

7) He died of typhoid fever.