Interesting Facts About Abe Lincoln Childhood

1) The Lincoln family came from England.

2) His parents, Nancy Hanks and Thomas Lincoln, were born in Virginia and as many pioneers farmers had moved to the west.

3) In 1637, Samuel Lincoln, a weaver’s apprentice, left Britain and moved to North America, settling in Hingham, Massachusetts.

4) Later, the Lincolns were established in new Jersey, Virginia, Pennsylvania, until finally arriving in Kentucky, where Thomas Lincoln, at his twenty-eight years, married Nancy Hanks, on June 12, 1806, when Nancy was twenty-two years old.

5) He was born on February 12, 1809 in a farm located near the town of Hodgenville, in the current county LaRue of the state of Kentucky, place that is currently National Historic Park.

6) Abraham was raised in the midst of a Baptist family, as both Thomas and Nancy Lincoln, their parents, belonged to the Little Mount Baptist Church, located near Elizabethtown in the state of Kentucky.

7) When Abraham Lincoln was 8 years old, his family moved to Indiana.