Interesting Facts About Aaron Burr

1) Burr worked at the New York State Assembly from 1784 to 1785 but became seriously involved in politics from 1789, when George Clinton elected him as New York State Attorney General.

2) In 1796 Jefferson chose him as his vice presidential candidate, but he lost to John Adams.

3) During the time Burr and Jefferson worked during the Washington administration, the Federal government resided in Philadelphia.

4) They both shared accommodation for a while at the house of a Mrs. Payne. Her daughter, Dolley, an attractive young widow, was presented by Burr to James Madison, with whom she eventually ended up marrying.

5) Although Hamilton and Burr long maintained good relations, the defeat of General Schuyler, Hamilton’s father-in-law, against Burr provoked the beginning of his personal dispute. In any case, his relationship took a decade to reach the enmity.

6) As a United States Senator, Burr was not a trusted man of George Washington.

7) Washington also avoided sending Burr to the American Embassy in France.

8) After being named commander-in-chief of the U.S. forces by John Adams in 1798, Washington denied Burr’s request for Brigadier-General’s post during the Quasi-war with France.

9) During the French Revolution, French diplomat Charles Maurice de Talleyrand, seeking asylum to escape the revolutionary persecution, stayed at Burr’s house in New York.

10) After the duel with Hamilton and the treason trial, Burr traveled to France in an attempt to recover his fortune, Talleyrand banned him from entering the country. It is said that it weighed in the decision that Talleyrand cultivate a great friendship with Hamilton.