Interesting Facts About Aardvarks

1) The Aardvark is a mainly nocturnal animal.

2) They dig the burrow by flexing and extending the anterior legs repeatedly and using the four fingers to draw ground.

3) They create a network of provisional burrows in their territory and the main burrow they use to breed.

4) The main burrow can be profound and extensive, with several narrow entrances and a length of up to 13 meters, while the less important burrows can be so small that just enter the animal’s head.

5) The Aardvarks periodically changes the configuration of the main burrow and occasionally moves to create another.

6) This is useful for a multitude of animals from the tsetse fly to warthogs or wild dogs, which take advantage of the abandoned burrows.

7) They are solitary and only share the same burrow between a mother and its offsprings.

8) Even in areas with a high population density the different individuals will live without sharing burrows.

9) They are very fearful. Only coming to the surface at night and then runs its territory.

10) The Aardvark uses its keen sense of smell to track ants and termites, of which they feed.

11) Although it moves quite slowly, it can dig quite quickly.

12) They can eat 1000’s ants in one single night.

13) In difficult times, Aardvarks can supplement their diet with small animals like mice, beetles larvae, mushrooms and watermelon seeds.

14) They also have an excellent ear.